Creating a future-proof real estate world

Cooltree is a professional real estate sustainability consultancy.

Our approach is to work from within your organization to both plan and execute an ESG strategy that is monitored and continually improved. Through this clear focused approach, we are able to provide a sustainability offering to the real estate sector encompassing strategy, data management and reporting through a unique combination of resource expertise. Learn more about our services, and how we can help you create a future-proof portfolio for your stakeholders while building a more resilient portfolio.

Cooltree is an official data partner of GRESB in Europe.

ESG strategy & implemenation

Develop a long-term ESG strategy that complements your business operations, enabling you to meet the regulatory demands and expectations of your stakeholders.

Data analysis & monitoring

Analyse and monitor your sustainability performance and reduce your energy consumption, set CRREM targets and detailed improvement plans.

Sustainability data reporting

Develop and implement an approach that aligns with the GRESB Assessment requirements, including a clear plan to improve future GRESB performance.

The Cooltree Team


Luc van de Boom

CEO & Founder

Sustainability & Data Consultant, with four years of working experience at GRESB before founding Cooltree in 2017

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Jens Bloem

Data Analyst

Advises clients on their ESG challenges by building data models which real estate investors can use in their daily decisions

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Nina van Dulmen

ESG Consultant

Assisting in the delivery of ESG advisory services to our clients; the development of ESG strategy, improvement programs and GRESB reporting services.

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Advisory Board


Zlatan Menkovic

Business Strategy

Product Lead Load Logistics at Uber Freight

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Ulrich Scharf

IT & Data Strategy

Managing Director and Founder at Skilllab

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Bob van de Boom

Legal Advisor

Deputy Director at Hagedoorn Development

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Some of our clients

MN Dutch Real Estate

ESG Specialist

Our approach is to work from within the organization to both create and execute an ESG and data strategy that is continually monitored and improved

a.s.r. real estate

ESG Data Consultant

Cooltree advises Lizzy Butink around ESG related data challenges, like high-quality GRESB reporting, implementing CRREM targets and integrating ESG data in their decisions

Amvest Real Estate

Data Consultant

Cooltree focuses on all (financial and ESG) data challenges and the integration of ESG data in Amvest's decision making


Sustainability Advisor

Cooltree focuses on the broader sustainability challenges of Merin and the integration of a sustainability strategy

Innax Energiemanagement

GRESB consultant

Advised the GRESB data reporting team of Innax from January to July 2018

Dutch Green Building Council

BREEAM In-Use NL Platform design

Designed the latest 2019 BREEAM In-Use platform, which is being used by multiple real estate investors

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